Our support opportunities for individuals and companies based in Edinburgh include

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Support Surgeries

If you are an independent artist, producer or small company based in Edinburgh and have a question, an issue or an idea you would like to discuss with an informed industry peer, you can book a slot at one of our regular surgeries. 

You might be looking for: 

  • advice on budgeting, print production or website design 
  • help creating a business plan
  • someone to read over a funding application
  • contacts and strategies for effective networking 
  • support or advice on the development of a project idea 
  • help identifying new creative partners

or any other performing arts-related advice. At a surgery, we discuss your needs and match you with someone appropriate from our Pool of Expertise, comprised of several hundred people working across a range of performing arts organisations in Edinburgh who are committed to sharing their time, expertise and resources with our network. 

What people say:

As a ‘service’ I can think of few more supportive, welcoming and nurturing. 

This is the 2nd or 3rd time EPAD has helped me through the support surgeries and I’m much much more confident about contacting other arts professionals than I used to be.  

EPAD connected me to someone much further down the line than I am, who I’d normally struggle to have access to. Her knowledge, insight and experience proved hugely helpful to my next steps. 


Co-working days

If you usually work on your own, you can join us at one of our regular co-working days for a day of focused work on your own projects alongside your peers from Edinburgh’s performing arts community. We provide desk space to work at, tea and coffee, and soup for lunch. Previous co-working days have been held at the Festival Theatre and the Lyceum Theatre and take place 8 times a year.

What people say:

“The space and quiet in which to work, with lots of constructive and interesting chat about projects in the breaks. The feeling of being a part of something, rather than apart from everything.” 



We aim to provide training that fills gaps in provision elsewhere.  Recent training events have included sessions on 

  • Being a Self-Producing Artist
  • Different types of legal entity
  • Touring
  • Wellbeing for independent artists